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Video Pricing

Video files on Fotolia must adhere to the following criteria:

  • You must be the original creator of the video, inclusive of all graphic elements
  • You must have a valid model release for each person represented in the video (including voiceovers)
  • Protected logos or protected trademarks must not appear in the video
  • The video must not contain buildings, goods, or locations protected by intellectual or property rights
  • Your files must adhere to the technical specifications detailed below

Video technical specifications

Accepted formats:

asf, avi, flv, h264, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpegts, mpegvideo

Supported codecs:

flv, dvvideo, h264, mjpeg, mpeg1video, mpeg2video, mpeg4, rpza, svq1, vp6f, wmv2, wmv3


24, 25, 29.97 or 30. The FPS should correspond to the footage format


Minimum: 320x240 / Maximum: 1920x1080


The compression level should correspond to the best image quality possible. Do not limit the video compression bit rate.

Video length:

Minimum: 5 seconds / Maximum: 60 seconds


Sound is accepted if it is part of the scene (ambient sounds, voices...). However, no music is allowed. The sound must be at 48 kHz, 16 bit uncompressed

File Size:

Please note that the maximum file size for video files is 3,900 MB.

Video licenses

Videos on Fotolia are available in 4 resolutions - from Small web to HD 1080. Files resolutions are automatically generated based on the original video file resolution.

You'll earn additional royalties with our extended license, which allows the buyer to create derivative products intended for resale, where the video footage is the main element of the product.

Licenses Small web Big web HD 720 HD 1080 Extended
Minimum resolution 320 x 240 640 x 480 1280 x 720 1920 x 1080 Original size

Video sale prices and royalties

1 Credit = $1.00

There are 2 ways to sell videos on Fotolia: the credit system (Pay-As-You-Go) and subscription plans.

I) The Credit System

As described below, each video size will have a different license price.

Small web Big web HD 720 HD 1080 Extended
12 30 60 75 200

The rates set forth in the below charts are subject to the Pricing Disclaimer.

II) Subscription plan

Video files are not included in our standard subscription plans. However, videos can be made available for download in corporate subscriptions for high volume customers (35% payout with minimum price of 50 credits for HD 1080 and 25 credits for M size).

NOTE: Sales from last generation subscription plans maintain the former download ratios (10 downloads for full HD and 5 downloads for M size). These commissions are listed in the chart below (Old Subscription Plans).

Please select your exclusivity option in the drop menu below to access the royalties and commissions chart:

Total Exclusivity

The price and royalty chart for Total Exclusivity:

Ranking RoyaltySMHD 720HD 1080X

The price and royalty chart for non-exclusive files:

Ranking RoyaltySMHD 720HD 1080X

Please select the type of subscription plan in the dropdown menu below to access the royalties chart:

The price and royalty chart for Corporate Subscription plans:

Ranking Commission M (min. price) HD 1080 (min. price)
White 35% 25 50
Bronze 35% 25 50
Silver 35% 25 50
Gold 35% 25 50
Emerald 35% 25 50
Sapphire 35% 25 50
Rubis 35% 25 50
Diamond 35% 25 50

The royalty chart for old Subscription plans:

Ranking Commission (M) Commission (HD1080)
White 1.25 credits 2.50 credits
Bronze 1.35 credits 2.70 credits
Silver 1.45 credits 2.90 credits
Gold 1.55 credits 3.10 credits
Emerald 1.65 credits 3.30 credits
Sapphire 1.75 credits 3.50 credits
Rubis 1.85 credits 3.70 credits
Diamond 2.00 credits 4.00 credits