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Frame picture photo corner border


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Frame picture photo corner border

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Frame picture photo corner border




XS Standard 346 x 346 (0.1 MP)4.8 '' x 4.8 '' (72 dpi) CONTENT::DETAIL::PRICE::1 credit CONTENT::DETAIL::Download
S Standard 693 x 693 (0.5 MP)9.6 '' x 9.6 '' (72 dpi) CONTENT::DETAIL::PRICE::3 credits CONTENT::DETAIL::Download
M Standard 1378 x 1378 (1.9 MP)4.6 '' x 4.6 '' (300 dpi) CONTENT::DETAIL::PRICE::6 credits CONTENT::DETAIL::Download
L Standard 1924 x 1924 (3.7 MP)6.4 '' x 6.4 '' (300 dpi) CONTENT::DETAIL::PRICE::8 credits CONTENT::DETAIL::Download
XL Standard 2793 x 2793 (7.8 MP)9.3 '' x 9.3 '' (300 dpi) CONTENT::DETAIL::PRICE::10 credits CONTENT::DETAIL::Download
XXL Standard 3873 x 3873 (15.0 MP)12.9 '' x 12.9 '' (300 dpi) CONTENT::DETAIL::PRICE::12 credits CONTENT::DETAIL::Download
Vector License CONTENT::DETAIL::Fits any dimensionCONTENT::DETAIL::Fits any dimension CONTENT::DETAIL::PRICE::6 credits CONTENT::DETAIL::Download
Vector Extended RF License CONTENT::DETAIL::Fits any dimensionCONTENT::DETAIL::Fits any dimension CONTENT::DETAIL::PRICE::50 credits CONTENT::DETAIL::Download

CONTENT::DESCRIPTION::The vector illustration "Frame picture photo corner border" from juan35mm is available on Fotolia under a Royalty Free license from 1 credit (Credit from $0.74).

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CONTENT::DESCRIPTION::The author of this picture, juan35mm also has CONTENT::DESCRIPTION::5 images in the same series.

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CONTENT::DETAIL::The vector license(s) for this file are SVG downloads.
CONTENT::DETAIL::To modify this file you will need SVG editing software such as Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator CS3 or higher, and CorelDRAW. CONTENT::DETAIL::Other licenses are downloaded as JPEG files.