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Frequently asked questions about Fotolia

Affiliation and API

How do I earn money with the affiliation program?

The Fotolia affiliation program offers every Fotolia member different tools to promote the website and earn money for all the transactions made by their affiliates.

A member becomes your affiliate when they click on a link containing your affiliate code and register with Fotolia. You will receive rewards for all their revenue-generating actions on Fotolia.

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What are the different ways to promote Fotolia?

Fotolia offers different tools to promote the website and your portfolio. In the “Affiliation" section of your account you can send emails to introduce Fotolia; contributors can use affiliate links to direct traffic towards their portfolios; website owners can integrate Fotolia buttons and banners into their websites.

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How can I use the Fotolia API?

The Fotolia API is a tool that allows a website integrate Fotolia's vast database of images. Your visitors can search for images on your website without leaving, and they will become your affiliates if they register on Fotolia.

In addition, you can integrate Fotolia's search and purchase functionality right into your product, or build applications, plug-ins, add-on software, web services, and widgets.

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Will I know the identity of my affiliates?

No. Privacy laws prevent us from distributing this information.

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