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Frequently asked questions about Fotolia


I can’t log in to my Fotolia account

Please check the following items: ensure that your browser accepts cookies, and your firewall doesn’t block outgoing information. Ensure your caps lock is off, as the login and password fields are case sensitive. If you continue to experience problems, clear your cache and delete your Internet history. You might also speak to your network administrator to make sure they are not blocking the Fotolia website.

Please note that Fotolia does not support Internet Explorer for Macintosh, or AOL browsers.

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I bought an image, but I can’t download it

Please try to download the photo again via the My Files page. Download links stay active for 72 hours after the initial purchase. If the download link has expired, please contact customer support.

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I can’t buy credits

Make sure your credit card is Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Diners Club, and that all fields required are completed for the payment.

(Please note that our billing partner uses an international payment form, requesting house numbers and house number extensions. We realize this may be confusing to new members, but please do not place entries in these two fields.)

If the site is not processing your credit card, you may wish to try PayPal. PayPal is another payment method that will accept credit cards. You do not need to register with PayPal to use their credit card service.

Alternatively, you may also use Click and Buy, which also provides a credit card payment solution after registering. It’s a fast sign up process, and no additional fees will be charged.

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I can’t upload images to Fotolia

To ensure you can upload your images, please ensure that you are following our guidelines:

  • Send an approved file format
  • File is less than 30 MB
  • Image is larger than 1600 x 2400 pixels (4 MP) (AI and EPS files must be less than 2 MB)
  • Firewall doesn’t block outgoing information.
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Retrieving or changing passwords & member names

To retrieve your password by email, please click here

To change your password simply log into your account, click on the “my profile" link, and then click on the edit password link. (If your account has not been validated this link is not available). On the next screen, you will need to enter your old and new password.

To change or retrieve your member name, please contact customer support here

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