Fotolia Instant

Dedicated to fun, creativity and spontaneity

Fotolia Instant

Fotolia Instant is a game-changing photo collection for Smartphone photographers (phonographers).
With the Instant Collection, you can now sell the spontaneous moments you capture with your mobile phone.

Be as creative as you want!

Submitting photos

The only way to submit a picture to the Instant Collection is through your Smartphone, using Fotolia's Instant App.

Download the App :

Be creative

Fotolia Instant is all about fun, creativity and spontaneity! A child's laugh, friends enjoying summer, the person you love in the morning sunlight, an amazing landscape, etc.

We want to see inspired shots of life as it unfolds around you; we are looking for something fresh that captures genuine moments. Not every picture will make it in - we are building a collection with a specific feel. Plain shots of food, pets or flowers wont make it into Instant…unless they are unusually creative, of course.

And remember, the more you modify your image, the less likely it is to sell, so go easy on the filtering and fake blur "à la Instagram".

Model Releases

Every recognizable person appearing in the images must sign a Model Release. Submitting Model Releases is now easier than ever!

Create, sign and submit your Model Release with your Smartphone using Fotolia's Instant App! Any Model Release you create through the App will also be saved in your Contributor page on